How long does the promotion run for and when do I need to get my claim in by?

To participate, you must purchase a participating product between 9am 29th of March 2023 and 5pm 30th of April 2023. Claims must be submitted by 5pm on the 31st of May 2023. 

How do I enter the Haymes Paint Digital Mastercard 2023 Promotion

Simply purchase a participating product from any participating retailer between the purchase period, and follow the entry steps at haymespromotions.com.au.

What are the participating products?

  • 4L can of Haymes’ Ultra Premium Paint
  • 10L can of Haymes’ Ultra Premium Paint
  • Expressions Ceiling White 10L
  • Expressions Ceiling White 4L
  • Solashield Gloss  10L
  • Solashield Gloss  4L
  • Expressions Low Sheen   4L
  • Expressions Low Sheen   10L
  • Solashield Low Sheen  10L
  • Solashield Low Sheen  4L
  • Expressions Matt  10L
  • Expressions Matt  4L
  • Solashield Matt  10L
  • Solashield Matt  4L
  • Expressions Semi Gloss  10L
  • Expressions Semi Gloss  4L
  • Solashield Satin  10L
  • Solashield Satin  4L
  • Trim Enamel High Gloss  10L
  • Trim Enamel High Gloss  4L
  • Trim Enamel Low Sheen  10L
  • Trim Enamel Low Sheen  4L
  • Trim Enamel Semi Gloss  10L
  • Trim Enamel Semi Gloss  4L
  • Prepcoat Ultracover 10L
  • Prepcoat Ultracover 4L
  • Prepcoat Ultrahold 4L
  • Prepcoat Ultralock 10L
  • Prepcoat Ultralock 4L
  • Prepcoat Ultraprime 4L
  • Prepcoat Ultraseal 10L
  • Prepcoat Ultraseal 4L
  • Ultratrim High Gloss  10L
  • Ultratrim High Gloss  4L
  • Ultratrim Semi Gloss  10L
  • Ultratrim Semi Gloss  4L
  • Trim Enamel High Gloss  4L
  • Dexpress 4L
  • Dexpress 10L
  • UVEX Primer 4L
  • UVEX Finish 4L
  • UVEX Primer 10L
  • UVEX Finish 10L

Where can I buy participating products?

The participating Australian retailers are Click here

How many times can I claim?

Max 1 claim per qualifying product purchased, up to 4 qualifying products per household.

I have purchased more than one participating product?

You can enter up to 4 products in one claim.
There is a limit of 4 products per household, for the entire promotion.

Receipts can only be used once for the entire promotion.

How will my receipt be validated?

You will be asked to supply a copy of your purchase receipt while completing the online claim form by scanning or taking a photo of the receipt and uploading as an attachment onto the web page.

In order for your entry to be validated, all submitted receipts must include: the store of purchase, product purchase (which must be a participating product), the date of purchase (which must be during the Promotion Purchase Period before you submit your entry) and legible.

You can only use a receipt once.

How will my cashback be rewarded?

Every valid claim received will be awarded a cash back in the form of a digital prepaid Mastercard®.

Cashback will be awarded within 7 business days of successful claim validation.

How long will it take to validate my claim?

Please allow 7 business days.

How long will it take for my digital prepaid Mastercard to arrive?

Please allow 7 business days from receipt of your valid email.

How does a digital prepaid Mastercard work?

Vault Payments will deliver a digital prepaid Mastercard to your mobile phone. Once you have followed the steps to activate, you can make purchases in-store using the mobile’s “tap and go” function as well as online.

The Vault Pays-enabled Prepaid Mastercard must be activated within 2 months of issue and is valid for 12 months after activation. At expiry of the Vault Pays-enabled Mastercard any unused balance will be forfeited.

How do I activate my Digital Prepaid Mastercard?

  • Within 7 business days of successful claim validation, you will have received an SMS from ‘HaymesPaint’ with an activation link. Your card must be activated prior to use and by the date specified in the SMS. 
  • Click on the link in the text message and you’ll be directed to your device’s app store to install the Vault Payments application.
  • Click the option to install and then open the Vault Payments app and enter your mobile number and activation code that was provided in the SMS. 
  • When prompted, read and accept the Vault Payments Terms & Conditions.
  • When your Card is displayed in the App, click “Add card to wallet” and follow the prompts to add your Card to your phones mobile wallet to make payments in store. 
  • Once activated your card can be used until the expiry date shown on the Card in the Vault Payment App. 
  • For more assistance, visit vaultps.zendesk.com/hc/en-au.

Where can I use the Digital Prepaid Mastercard?

You can use your card in-store at contactless point of sale terminals (look for the Contactless, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay logo), or you can use your card online.

How can I use my Digital Prepaid Mastercard online?

Just like paying with a credit or debit card, you’ll just need your card number, expiry date and CVC number.

  1. In the Vault Payments app, tap the card once to view your card number and expiry date.
  2. Tap twice to see the CVC number.
  3. Complete your purchase online per normal.
  4. Checkout and select ‘credit card’ as the payment type.
  5. Enter the card details and input your name as the cardholder.

If I have more questions about my reward, where can I go?

You can refer the Help Centre here.

Where are the terms and conditions?

You can find these here.

Is there anyone I can contact about the promotion for any more questions?

You can ‘Contact Us’ here.

What proof of purchase do I need to provide? 

Claimants must retain the original receipt/proof of purchase relating to the Qualifying Purchase. The proof of purchase must clearly state the store name, location and product purchased. 

How much Cash Back will I receive? 

A $15.00 Prepaid Digital Card is redeemable against a purchase of a 4L can of Haymes Paint Ultra Premium Paint from a participating retailer during the Promotional Period.

A $25.00 Prepaid Digital Card is redeemable against a purchase of a 10L can of Haymes Paint Ultra Premium Paint from a participating retailer during the Promotional Period. 

I didn’t receive an email confirming my claim? 

Please check you Spam and Junk email folders if you have not received an email after submitting your claim. 

My phone doesn't support Contactless payments. What do I do now?

To use your card in store you will need a phone that supports NFC (Near-Field Communication), so that you can make contactless payments.

If your phones RFID is broken or your phone doesn’t have an RFID chip you will also be unable to make contactless payments. 

However, you can use your card for online purchases without NFC or with a broken RFID chip; just follow the steps outlined here.

I don’t have a digital wallet, what can I do?

Please Contact Us here to discuss physical options.

Who should I contact with any questions that haven’t been answered?

Please Contact Us here.